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Here you can listen to 3 different takes in danish

For english voiceovers scroll down.

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Voiceover for FitnessWorld.

The instruction was: Talk like you talk to a friend – laidback and not to commecial ish.

Voiceover for SAS.

The instruction was: Happy tone of voice and to inspire people to dream bigger.

Voiceover for DR.

The instruction was: Informative friendly and happy. But not too commercialized. 

MilleSpeak can help you with

Give your brand a sound

• With a recognisable and distinctive voice.
• Great intonaltion
• Authentic voice
• experienced voiceover
• In dansk and english


• Commercials
• e-Learn
• Corporate film
• Dubbing
• Telephone answering systems.
• Apps
• Documentary
• Audiobooks
• Trailers
• TV-programs

Professionel sound

• Sound editing
• Sound production



  • Developing Ideas for your podcast
  • Make interviews and lead the podcast as a host
  • Experienced speaker
  • Production and editing


I will let the floor go to those I have worked with.

Are you looking for a voiceover over, a podcaster or a public speaker ?

I can help you with a voiceover for your film or commercial.  I can produce your companies podcast, or you can book me for public speaking about future work and freelancing.

Here is my  TED-X Copenhagen speak I was invited to do last year.

You can browse my site or give me a call on +45 26209282


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