Here you can listen to 3 different takes in danish

                                      For more danish samples

Danish voiceover for Fitnessworld

The instruction was: Talk like you talk to a friend – laidback and not to commecial ish.

Danish voiceover for SAS

The instruction was: Happy tone of voice and to inspire people to dream bigger.

Danish voiceover for Hiper

The instruction was: Be cool, be young, be like you don´t give a damn, as long as there is a good wifi connection.

“We have had the opportunity to enjoy her freshness and presence of tone and style, as well as the impeccable quality of the recordings, that she delivers from her studio.”

Peter Krabbe AagaardAudio producer at Mayday Film

“Topprofessionel og engageret – med en flot forståelse og interesse for kernen i budskabet i den speak hun arbejder med.”

Carsten Michelsen Creative Director/ Partner MOTOR agency

“Hun får produktet til at fremstå let og lækkert og finder hurtigt frem til rette tone og stemning i en film.”

David Stubbe TeglbjærgSound Designer at Welcomepost

‘Mille har en professionalisme og evne til at variere sin fantastiske stemme – nærmest som et instrument, der kan indstilles meget fint,’

Ulf Westmark HøjelsenPartner/creative director

‘A voice is not just a voice, a voice is the sound of your brand’ 

Below you can listen to some samples I have put my voice to in english. For more demos call me on 26209282

I am the danish voiceover for Tempur, and they wanted me to do a voiceover in english as well for their scandinavian market.

The instruction and tone of voice is kind, delightful, warm and accommodating.

Red Cross wanted to put focus on pedophilia with this film.

The instruction and tone voice, was serious and informative, but also with a touch of ‘we have to do something’.

Why we love to drink wine, is because David is making the best wine ever. He wanted to make a film about the wine he makes in Spain, and he asked me to put my voice to it.

The network Goodtalks.  wanted a film about their succesful events, and they asked me to be the voiceover.

The tone of voice and the instruction was, Kind, informative, corporate and accommodating.

Millespeak is working with many renowned production companies in Denmark and worldwide. Among others Supersonic, Nordisk film, Det Koncept, Frölich production, Welcomepost, Freezone, Jam, Spray, Tv2, Tv3, SBS Discovery media and Pumkin post in Denmark. Videvox, talkforfun, TMP and Twentypost in Sweden,Voice booking, SOB audio imaging in the Netherlands. Peeters production in Belgium, illusia productions in Finland,  Opticcentre in Bulgaria, Dani voiceovers in Spain, in United states and many more.

Millespeak has her own studio with a TLM Neuman Mic, and are using protools to edit.

Millespeak can help you with:

Give your brand a sound

  • With a recognisable and distinctive voice.
  • Great intonaltion
  • Authentic voice
  • experienced voiceover
  • In dansk and english


  • Commercials/add
  • e-Learn
  • Corporate film Virksomhedsprofiler
  • Dubbing
  • Telephoneanswering systems.
  • Apps
  • Documentary
  • Adiobooks
  • Trailers
  • TV-programs

Professionel sound

  • Sound editing
  • Sound production

Commercial script

  • Copywriting
  • Make your commercial script fantastic
  • Translate your script to english or danish.

About millespeak

My name is Mille and I am a Danish voice over artist. I love my work and you will more often than not see me with my headphones on. I started my career as an actor which i did for many years. Acting lead me to a national radio station in Denmark where I was a radio host for six years on different shows, among others the morning show. There I discovered I had a special voice, and that I was good at using it.

One of my strengths is that I am really good at getting instructed. You can give me all kind of funny instructions, and I always try to make it exactly as you wish. I have good social skills which make it easy for me to transform your instructions into words and the perfect voice over.

Today I am a full time voice over artist. I do all kinds of jobs from commercials, to audio books, e-learn, corporate films, apps, station voice and so on. 

Do you want to get in contact, call med on  +45 26209282

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